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The Slime of My Life

From Nickelodeon to recovery: Kelly Mahony shares her inspiring journey in her keynote speech, "The Slime of My Life". She reveals how she battled alcohol addiction while working as a host for kids. She also discusses the challenges of:


Social Media



Self Doubt

Self Worth

Kelly combines the right bit of honesty, heart, and humor to engage the audience with her powerful story. She leaves them with valuable lessons:

1. Decisions Have Consequences

2. When You are Trapped in the Dark, Seek the Light

3. Be Yourself, Have Fun, and You Can't Lose

And watch out for the surprise ending -

someone might get a pie in the face!

Kelly explains addiction

About Kelly Mahony

Kelly Mahony is a former Nickelodeon host and stand-up comedian with years of experience entertaining crowds. She now shares her skills as a keynote speaker to motivate by offering messages of hope to help and heal. Her current keynote, "The Slime of My Life" recounts her struggle over addiction, suicide, and self-worth while hosting shows for Nickelodeon. The message delivers a profound message with the right bit of humor and heart to entice the crowd.

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